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What is SeriousMD? Tell me about what SeriousMD is about

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We're excited about you joining the SeriousMD community.

Every day, more of your fellow Filipino doctors are getting on board too, so you're in good company.

Our goal here is to share with you our vision for SeriousMD and talk about the different parts of our technology and how best to use it in your daily practice.

Our Vision

SeriousMD was created to improve lives by making healthcare easier for Filipinos. No more wrong diagnoses, lost medical records, or hard-to-find doctors. Everything healthcare, all in one place.

There are 2 main parts of the SeriousMD platform:

  • SeriousMD Doctors = A practice management app built for Filipino doctors like you. It allows paperless clinic management, scheduling, EMR, billing and more.

  • Now Serving = An app built for all Filipino patients. Patients will also be able to find and book appointments with doctors on the SeriousMD platform, do virtual consultations, receive e-prescriptions, order medicine and so much more.

Both apps will work together to make healthcare management a snap, not a chore. Efficiency can have powerful effects on healthcare quality. With you and your fellow doctors using SeriousMD in your practice, we can save millions of lives in the Philippines.

What To Expect

The SeriousMD Doctors app was designed with the Filipino doctor/dentist in mind.

Aside from the clean, user-friendly design, here are some of the features that are available to you right now:

  • Create / upload patient profiles

  • Creation of medical records

  • Consultation note-taking using built-in templates

  • A synchronized queue list across all your devices

  • Create Imaging and Lab requests

  • Ability to switch clinics/practice locations

  • Quick-view of practice schedule via calendar

  • Seamless real-time synching, no matter how many devices you use

  • Offline capabilities - Use the app offline, and automatic sync/backup when you go online

  • 24/7 Data security

 What Next?

  • Start using the app (on your browser or iPad/iPhone) - Easily add a patient and add your notes, prescriptions, labs and more and commit to using it. 

  • Commit to trying it. 

  • Nothing is really perfect at the start. Doctors that got started quickly jumped right in quickly and improved as they got to know the app.

  • You'll notice that it's easier than you originally thought.

If You Have Questions:

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