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What am I really paying for with my subscription?
What am I really paying for with my subscription?

Why is this a subscription service? What's included?

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SeriousMD Doctors is a subscription because we have to manage, secure, backup and store your data. We also consistently hunt for bugs, improve existing features and add new ones. 

There are also various services that also need maintenance work, like automatic reminders, telco integrations, the email notification service, reports generation and more.

Why is SeriousMD Not Free Like Other Apps?

Ask yourself, why are they free in the first place? You probably have a lot of answers already, but just to help you out here are a list of possible reasons:

  • They sell your data

  • It's a pet project and they will just drop you once they lose interest

  • They don't have backups (that costs money) so you are on your own with your data. If you lose your device, it's gone for good.

  • They don't sync (that also costs money to make, maintain and work)

  • They have zero support

  • There are ZERO updates after the first release

  • It's probably a dead app already (just check their update logs)

Worst of all, these free apps are definitely not secure as it costs money to secure servers, data, etc.

Why is SeriousMD Not a One Time Fee?

Ok, you might be thinking:

"I paid for an app just once before."

SeriousMD is a business level software. It's not for fun and games. New technology and security requirements show up every day. Being a 1 time fee is not sustainable as support for the app will stop and you will need to shell out a bigger amount up-front and again when they decide to offer an update.

You might be thinking:

"I have bought business software before, it was not a subscription."

Ok, how much did you pay up-front? Lump sum, right?

Now factor in how long you used it before it broke down.

Did the company or person offer you support? You still had to pay them to come and check, right?

OR you probably signed a maintenance contract. That's literally a subscription... but you just paid a whole lot more.

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