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How long has it taken other doctors to fully adapt SeriousMD?
How long has it taken other doctors to fully adapt SeriousMD?

Did it take a long time for other doctors to learn? This has a learning curve and I am not techie

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It varies.

Some doctors learn it right after signing up and use it on their next patient. Some take a few days or weeks. Some take months. It depends on how perfect you want to be before you use the app. 

Our recommendation, based on experience, if you dedicate 2-3 days of around 30 minutes of usage per day, you'll be ready to go.

The app was built to be a "pick-up-and-use right away" kind of app.

Add a patient, scribble or type in some text and you're done.
Take a picture of notes you wrote and you're done.

It can be that simple but it can also be really beautiful to see your fully complete SOAP note. 

There's obviously a learning curve to the other features of the app and there are also hardware that can make your life easier (for eg. an AirPrint capable printer) but they are not required. 

You don't have to print your prescriptions wirelessly right on day 1. You can just take a picture of what you wrote on your trusty old prescription pad.

You don't have to set up how your whole staff will use it on day 1. You can use the app for now and adjust the following week when you see a laptop lying around the house that you can use in the clinic for your secretary.

If you are open to using it for your practice, taking time to learn it and talking to the support team if you have questions, then you'll be able to fully learn the app in less than a day. Within a week, you and your staff will be fully onboarded using it.

As you get to know the app, you'll see other features that you'd like to utilize. You'll also discover a lot of ways to speed up how you do your work and inputs.

The app can adapt to how you need it to. If you want your staff to do most of the work then they certainly can.

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