I suggest that you allot 30 minutes for the next 5 days to use the app.

That should be enough time for you to learn and see what the app can do for you.

Go through this basic process:

  • Add a patient - enter the name and check the box (Takes 1 minute)

  • Schedule the patient to your clinic's queue (Takes 3 seconds)

  • Tap on the patient - this simulates that it's the patient's turn. (Takes 1 second)

  • Tap on "enter appointment notes" - so you can start entering your notes (Takes 5 seconds so you can pick the one you want)

  • Enter notes - (Give yourself 5 minutes to learn the different templates)

  • Save the note - (Takes 1 second)

  • Schedule the patient's next appointment (Takes 5 seconds)

  • Finish the check up - (Takes 1 second)

  • That's it.

You've basically simulated how a new patient came in to your clinic, got queued up and you saved the visit's record.

If you prefer, you can even write on paper and just take a picture of it to keep inside SeriousMD. 

Once you are familiar with the basic flow (95% of doctors get it in one sitting) - you can then proceed to learn other parts, such as Billing.

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