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I'm not a "Techie." Can I use this?
I'm not a "Techie." Can I use this?

I am not a techie person, will this work for doctors like me?

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This is a misconception and is usually just a limiting state of mind. Sometimes, it's said to make it sound cool (since being retro is "in" right now.) 👌🏼

Here's what I always say. 

If you can use either Facebook, Messenger, Email, Viber, Microsoft Word or Google, then you can use SeriousMD.

If your goal is to be more efficient, serve (and WOW) your patients better, save space, etc. then you just need to COMMIT. Repetition is key. By going through the app a few times, you will realize that it's easy to integrate to your practice because we designed the app to work and adapt to your process.

We have users that are almost 70 years old! You can even let your staff handle everything else. 

You can still take notes on paper and just take a picture to keep it as a digital record, then throw the paper away.

Don't let that mindset stop you. Our average age group of users is 50+ so, just like anything in life, it's never too late to learn as long as you really want to.

We can also hop on an online demo so we could give you a tour on how to navigate SeriousMD.

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