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I have duplicate patient records. How can I merge them together?
I have duplicate patient records. How can I merge them together?

How do I delete duplicate entries of patients? How do I remove doubled patient profiles? I entered a patient twice, how to delete?

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Our first suggestion is just to archive the patient profile if there's nothing new or no notes yet in the profile.

This goes especially for new patients that just no-showed on you or a patient that booked a schedule but booked as a "new patient"  - since there is no data yet, Archiving the patient profile is the suggested way to go. 

We suggest merging only as a last resort.

If there's indeed unique data and you want to Merge profiles, here's how to do it:

You can merge the patients even if they have notes. You can find the merge tool in the settings area of the web app.

Step 1: Go to the Settings of the web app -> Click on Manage Patients

Step 2: Click on Merge Patient

The app will show you possible duplicates that you want to merge together.


What is Strict Mode?

The app will compare the First name, Middle name, Last name, Birthday of the patients. If any of the patients on your list has a duplicate for ALL those fields, they will be shown automatically.

If you turn off Strict Mode, the app will compare all patients with the same First name and Last name only. Be careful and be sure to check if the patients are really the same people. The app will show the birthday as well just as extra pre-caution.

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