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Medical Certificate Security Features
Medical Certificate Security Features
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With the proliferation of scams and falsifying documents due to advancements in technology, we have implemented various features to help minimize the occurrence of fraudulent medical certificates and to facilitate the swift identification of legitimate ones.

Please feel free to utilize these features to ensure a reduction in the likelihood of fake medical certificates being created.

Upload a Custom Watermark

Go to Settings > Note Watermark > Upload Image

You can adjust the image (to only include the part of the image you want included in your watermark) > Done

Toggle on Tiled and Active then Save

Use Patient Name as Watermark

Before sending/printing your note, toggle on Show Watermark AND Use Patient Name as Watermark

Note: Use Patient Name as Watermark will only appear once you toggle on Show Watermark

The watermark will now be specific to each patient and the encounter date (sample below)

Image #1

Include Patient Photo

Before sending/printing your note, toggle on Include Patient Photo

The note will now include a photo of the patient

Note: A photo will appear provided there is an image uploaded in the patient's record

Validation Code by Send to Patient feature

Whenever you send the medical certificate via SeriousMD (to be received by the patient on their NowServing account), a validation code specific to that certificate will appear.

How does it work?

We get messages and emails every day from company/school nurses and HR seeking validation of the medical certificate doctors issue through SeriousMD.

With the validation code, our team can now help confirm if the document sent to us is valid. For privacy reasons, there is no validation tool that is accessible to the public.

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