Nobody talks about it and not everybody will notice it, but the SeriousMD and NowServing teams are working hard to bring you visibility and more potential patients.

From making your profiles more visible in the search engine results, to creating the NowServing directory (website and apps) plus promoting your practices and specialties on various channels AND working with societies AND partner companies that we integrate or work with.

It's a LOT of work behind the scenes.

Another way we want to help is to give you a way to brand your own practice and in this world, it all starts with a website.

All SeriousMD Pro subscribers are eligible to have their own domain and website, hosted for free.

We call it NowServing Sites.

Aside from giving you visibility on SeriousMD and NowServing, you now have another potential way to get patients to find you and book a schedule.

This is offered as an extra service to SeriousMD Pro subscribers. Note that we will not be handling the design and content creation. You will be sent access and you have the control to pick the design and what content you want to put.

But as we are hosting the website, there are some terms that we need to uphold to keep the environment secure and safe for both parties.

  1. No Inappropriate, offensive or illegal content. Inappropriate, offensive or illegal content may include topics, images or other information that are prohibited in the Philippines, use of images/logos/trademarks without permission or could be damaging to young people online. We are not liable to content you put on your site and the site is subject to be taken down if complaints are received or if website filters are triggered.

  2. There should be at least a link to your SeriousMD/NowServing booking page, so patients can know how to book a schedule with you.

  3. There shall be no links and images to competing platforms to SeriousMD and NowServing. Linking to your own social media properties are fine.

It is currently in the early stages but it already includes a way to do live chat on the site, free SSL (security certificate) and you can put up regular blog posts that you want to share with your patients. We're looking forward to improving this more over time.

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