For this initial phase of testing, the Hi-Precision integration with SeriousMD would allow your patients to be able to send your lab request to them.

The aim for this initial phase is to try to optimize the process of the patient getting the call from Hi-Precision and cut out the initial process when going to the branch.

On the Doctor's side:

You can help facilitate this for your patient in a couple clicks.

  • In your Test Request, you can click on FORWARD TO HP (Pressing this also sends a copy to your patient's Now Serving app like the usual Send to Patient option)

  • It will pull up a popup like this below. You can ask your patient which branch they would prefer if needed. For the DATE, please pick a future date, not the current date.
  • Click the Send button and that's it.
Hi Precision SeriousMD Integration

  • Your patient will receive an SMS asking them to verify. They just need to reply back with the numbered code sent to them in the message to confirm.
  • Your patient will receive a call from Hi-Precision within 24 hours.

Here's a Preview of what the patient sees IF they want to send lab requests on their OWN without the doctor requesting to forward it:

  • Once they receive your lab request, the can tap ORDER LABORATORY

  • Select a schedule (The current integration with them is for dates

  • Fill up the details and send it.

  • That's it! The patient will get a call from the Hi-Precision team within 24hours to verify their request and start the process. They will inform the patient as to what will happen when they reach the branch selected.

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