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Topics covered below:

  • Not Receiving Patient Booking?
  • E-Signature?
  • Billing Patients?
  • SeriousMD Telemedicine / Online Consultations?
  • How do Patients book an appointment online?
  • User Verification and Getting your Public Profile Link
  • Booking a Demo
  • How to inform Patients of Booking link?
  • Official Receipts
  • How do I get Payments made by my Patients?
  • How come I have no Audio/Microphone and Video?
  • Tell me about the latest updates

Not Receiving Patient Booking?

Update [04.22.2020] - You will now see all patient bookings (Patients with or without SeriousMD record) inside SeriousMD Appointments tab.



Please send us an image of your signature on white background. Just attach the image in the Support chat area.

We’ll then notify you once it’s been imported in to your account.

Note: the header design and footer/e-signature feature is part of the Pro plan.


Billing Patients?

Billing is completely at your discretion.
You are free to bill patients anytime or at any point in your process.
Some users bill patients before hand, some after the consult.

We accept the payments on your behalf through credit/debit card or Paymaya.
More payment options soon.

We then transfer payments to your designated bank account weekly.

We don’t charge you for the billing. We add a service fee on top of your charges for the patient to pay.

This service fee allows us to recoup a portion of the costs that we incur for the video streaming, SMS notifications, per transaction costs, integration costs and more. 

Here's how to use it on V2 of SeriousMD.

SeriousMD Telemedicine?

SeriousMD enables you, as a doctor, to set up a Virtual Private Clinic

With a virtual clinic, you will then be able to accept patient bookings, do virtual consults, send e-prescriptions, med certs and accept payments from patients. 

Click here to see the instructions.

Note: SeriousMD is built to handle your whole practice, even after ECQ is lifted. It manages your queue in the clinic, appointments, notes and so on. Online or virtual consultations is just a part of what we offer. 


How do Patients book an appointment online?

Once you are a verified SeriousMD user, a public profile page will be available for Patients to book appointments with you.

Here are a few examples: 


User Verification and Getting a Public Profile Link

 For patients to book an appointment (virtual or physical clinic visit) with you online, you’ll need to have your public profile enabled. 

By default, your public profile is disabled until you get verified. 

  • Kindly upload your PRC ID under My Account > My Profile > PRC Validator to complete the verification process. 

Once you are a verified SeriousMD user, a public profile page will be available for Patients to book appointments with you.


Booking a Demo

If you feel that you absolutely need someone to guide you through the app, book a demo here: https://demo.seriousmd.com/

We do recommend trying out the basics first, which is adding a test patient, queueing that patient and adding in some notes.


How to inform Patients of Booking link?

Our Mass SMS Sendout tool is currently under maintenance. We can however, help you send a message to your patients via email.

We will include your public profile page in the email, so your patients will be notified they can book through there.

Your public profile should also show up in a search for your name in Google. 

Lastly, feel free to share your public profile through your social media pages.


Official Receipts

For a billing transaction, you, as the doctor, should issue the Official Receipt for the amount that you charge the patient. 

We, on the other hand, can issue a separate Official Receipt for the service charge that we tack on the amount you charge the patient. 


How do I get Payments made by my Patients?

When you bill patients and they settle those bills via credit/debit or Paymaya (more payment options coming soon), we receive those payments for you. 

We then transfer those payments to a designated bank account of your choice. 

If you haven’t yet, kindly provide us the following:

  • Bank Name:
  • Account Number:
  • Account First Name:
  • Account Middle Name:
  • Account Last Name:
  • Account Address:
  • Email Address:
  • Bank Address:

*Payouts are weekly for a minimum of Php2,500.
**If you have a BDO account, please provide that.
***You can send the details by sending support a message. We are still finding spare time to build the form in the app currently as there are other more critical priorities to build out for you. 


How come I have no Audio/Microphone and Video?

Please check your browser. It's either disabled or there's just no hardware available.

We recommend Google Chrome when using on the computer/laptop.

If you are using an iOS device, use the iOS app or Safari.


Tell me about the Latest Updates:

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