There's a 100% chance that you disabled the use of the camera when it asked for permission.

The only time the camera option will show up in iOS 9 is when it asks you for permission. 

So let's say you fired up SeriousMD, then picked an option where it asks you about the camera if you allow the app to use it, as long as you answered yes or no to that, the permission will appear in the iPads Settings. 

If you exited the app without selecting a yes or now, then that will not show permissions. 

In this case you'll need to delete SeriousMD and let it re-ask the camera access.

If you said No to the camera permission:

Go to the iPads Settings > Scroll down until you find SeriousMD > tap and enable the Camera OR go to Privacy > Camera > scroll to SeriousMD and enable it

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