After signing up and getting your account verified, the system creates a page for you.

It should show up in Google within 3 days. You can find it on this page by clicking on Preview Public Profile

When a patient lands on your profile page, they can simply press the green Schedule Appointment button to request for an appointment. (It shows up in the Messenger area of your SeriousMD app once they submit a request)

You can give it a try 😊

At this time, we don’t let patients automatically fill up a slot in your queue because random people can just fill up your slots, so a way to moderate it is the route we went with. 

We’ll eventually have a way to add patient accounts (patient app) so only verified people can book for appointments or even automatically be added to your queue (via your own Settings of course)

You can edit the details for your profile page in your profile (description/med school, etc) - Give it a couple days to refresh in Google to show the new info that you'll add.

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