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Setting Up Wireless Printing with Android
Setting Up Wireless Printing with Android
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For this example, let’s try printing a prescription.

  1. On your Android device, press the print button and tap Add Printer

2. Be sure that the printer is turned on.
3. If this is your first time to print with your Android device, you will see something like this (for Brother) 

Or like this for HP printers. It’s similar for other brands as well.

If it doesn’t show, just open the Play Store and download the HP Print Service Plugin. 

When installing, it will show this popup. Just check and select Start.

Select the “Directly to the Printer” option. In many cases, you might also want to pick the “On a Wi-Fi Network” connection if the printer is already connected to your network.

Select the printer model that shows up. IF this is blank, it mean that the printer model is not being detected. Make sure that it’s turned on.

4. Once installed, you can already print. 

  • Just go to your prescription, press the print button

  • Pick the printer (We’re using an HP printer in the image below)

  • Change the paper size to A5. As a last resort, pick 5x7

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