We don't have a "specific" template for it just yet as it's a bit varied from doctor to doctor.

I would assume though that you have a text copy that you normally use, perhaps via MS Word. 

We recommend that you copy that and paste it to a text note inside SeriousMD, and then save it as a template so you can reuse it.


On a side note: 

You can still send referrals to doctors not on SeriousMD. They will receive an email and/or SMS from you. There will be no deduction from your SMS credits for referrals.

  • If they click the link in the Email or SMS they receive -> they will be directed to sign up to SeriousMD, then they can see the referred patient there in their SeriousMD Messenger. They can choose to accept the patient from inside Messenger. The remarks you add will act as your referral letter to the doctor. Once he/she accepts the patients from you, that will be converted into a text note so the doctor will have a copy of your letter.

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