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Question 1: Can I work with other staff at the same time?

Yes! Other staff members and the doctor, can work at the same time as long as there's internet. 

For example:

  • you created a new patient profile

  • a nurse can load the new patient and then saves the vitals

  • you can queue the patient for today

  • doctor sees the patient in the queue and adds notes

  • doctors sends you a message inside SeriousMD Messenger about adding the lab results

  • you take a picture and add it to the patient's Health Records area

  • doctor sees the results

  • patient comes out and you process payment with the patient


Question 2: I cannot access a certain part of the app but the doctor needs me to access it. How do I fix it?

This is because of the permission settings. Please ask the doctor to edit it for you.


Question 3: Why can't I access all patients for all my doctors?

You can access patients in separate lists, not in a combined list.

This is for privacy/security reasons.

You can switch accounts between different doctors one at a time.


Question 4: Why can't I print prescriptions? The doctor needs me to.

Please ask the doctor to give you permission in the Settings of his/her account.


Question 5: I cannot access the app offline

Due to security protocols, only the doctor's account can take the app offline at this time.


Question 6: I cannot login to the app

You can login using this link http://seriousmd.com/doctor/

If you cannot login, it must mean that you haven't created an account yet or your login details are wrong. 

Please make sure you check your email to accept the doctor's invite. Click the link inside the email and create your account.


Question 7: I cannot access on Android

There's no app yet for Android (that you can download) due to security and privacy standards. You can login using the Chrome browser though.


Question 8: I cannot add notes

Due to privacy purposes, we cannot enable this by default. Please ask the doctor to give you access.

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