Introduction to SeriousMD Messenger

One of SeriousMD's main goals is to help with coordinated care. Through SeriousMD Messenger, we're finally able to take our first step to make that happen. 

  • Converse with other doctors
  • Send notes and attachments
  • Refer patients
  • Get reports from your Residents
  • Send messages to patients and staff

Those and more. Securely (HIPAA compliant) and privately unlike SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc.


Inviting Doctors

Build your contact list of doctors by sending them invites, so you can securely converse/consult with them within SeriousMD.

  • You can easily invite them by utilizing your contact list on your iPhone/iPad or email contact list on the web.
  • You can also manually add their contact details.

or on iOS (you can use your existing contacts list)


Talking with Staff

Easily talk with staff that are helping you use SeriousMD. Just open a new chat conversation by pressing the button at the top right (chat bubble icon)

Select the staff you want to talk with and start chatting! You even have that "old school" buzz button. 👍🏼

Note: Haven't added your staff yet? Here's how.


Refer Patients to Other Doctors

You can easily refer a patient to another doctor in a few taps.

  • There's an icon of a person with an arrow besides the edit button at the top right
  • From there, a popup will appear. Select the doctor you want to send the referral to. (You can click on "Not on Contacts" if you have not added the doctor yet in your contacts list.)
  • Fill up the rest of the information
  • Attach notes that you'd like to share about the patient
  • Do you like to create long letters when referring patients? Use the "Remarks" area to create it. Once the other doctor accepts it, the letter will be converted into a text note on his side that he can choose to print if needed.
  • Hit the Refer button and you are done!


Share and Send Notes when You Need To, Securely

You can easily send notes to other doctors by clicking on the "paperclip" icon in the lower right of the screen. Select your notes, prescriptions, SOAP, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I send messages to doctors that do not have a SeriousMD account?

Yes! They will receive an invite via email and/or SMS (for free) and they just need to sign up to see your messages.

  • Can I refer patients to doctors that are not on SeriousMD?

You can refer patients to other doctors that are not in your contacts list. Just do the usual way to referring patients as shown in the video above, then tap on the Doctor's Name field, then tap on the "Not in Contacts" text button (video below)

He/she will also receive an SMS about the patient referral.

  • Can I send messages to patients?

Yes, you can! 

  • Can I send messages to any SMS mobile number if they are not a doctor/staff/patient?

Not at the moment.

  • I normally create really nice, long letters when I send referrals, can I do this when referring patients?

YES! You can enter your letter in the Remarks section. Your letter will also be converted into a text note when the receiving doctor accepts your referral.

  • Can I receive replies from email notifications to patients?

Yes! If they reply to the email notification reminder, you will see the reply inside SeriousMD Messenger.

  • What does the invite that the other doctor receives look like?

Here's an example email that the receiving doctor will get.

  • Can I receive replies from SMS notifications to patients?

Early adopters to SeriousMD has this feature enabled. It's currently not applicable to new subscribers after July 16, 2019. You can read more about it here.

  • Are both SMS and email required?

Nope! Just one will do. If you only add an email, they will receive an email. If it's only a mobile number, they will receive an SMS with the link. If you add both, they will receive both notifications.

  • I want to route all my patient SMS replies to my secretary. How?

Just go to Settings > Messenger > assign to your secretary and save.

  • Where do I buy SMS credits?

You can purchase them by clicking here. The credits have no expiry date and will work for all networks.

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