• Step 1: Go edit your clinic information and check the HMO's that you accept. Those will now appear automatically in the Billing module.
  • Step 2: Go to Billing, and click on the Catalog tab (this is where you pre-save everything that you offer to patients)
  • Step 3: Edit or Add a new service or item or package
  • Step 4: Add a name, price and tap on the Blue text button for HMO rates
  • Step 5: You will now see a list of HMO's that you added from your clinic information. Check those that apply for the service you are adding to
  • Step 6: Tap on "Rates"
  • Step 7: Add your claim amount (the amount the HMO will pay you for that service) and leave Rate blank unless you accept a co-pay option.
  • Step 8: Save
  • Step 9: Go to the Register tab
  • Step 10: You will see a "Default Catalog" text button. Click on that and you will be shown a list of HMO's. Pick one.

You will notice that the catalog will change based on what you've added for that specific HMO. That service is now tagged under that HMO.

  • Step 11: Try adding a service under that HMO to a patient and settle the bill
  • Step 12: Go to the Reports tab and generate ¬†an "HMO" report type (hit the generated button.) You'll see the service/HMO/claim amount total on that report.
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