How to Add and Save a Service or Item inside Billing

  • Service = services you offer.
  • Items = products you sell (you can keep track of quantity as well)

It's really easy to add new services or items inside the Catalog. This way you can just set this up once and keep reusing it for all your patients.

How to Create a Package

Packages are combinations of Services and Items you sell.  

How to Track and Setup HMO's

  • Step 1: Go edit your clinic information and check the HMO's that you accept. Those will now appear automatically in the Billing module.
  • Step 2: Go to Billing, and click on the Catalog tab (this is where you pre-save everything that you offer to patients)
  • Step 3: Edit or Add a new service or item or package
  • Step 4: Add a name, price and tap on the Blue text button for HMO rates
  • Step 5: You will now see a list of HMO's that you added from your clinic information. Check those that apply for the service you are adding to
  • Step 6: Tap on "Rates"
  • Step 7: Add your claim amount (the amount the HMO will pay you for that service) and leave Rate blank unless you accept a co-pay option.
  • Step 8: Save
  • Step 9: Go to the Register tab
  • Step 10: You will see a "Default Catalog" text button. Click on that and you will be shown a list of HMO's. Pick one.

You will notice that the catalog will change based on what you've added for that specific HMO. That service is now tagged under that HMO.

  • Step 11: Try adding a service under that HMO to a patient and settle the bill
  • Step 12: Go to the Reports tab and generate  an "HMO" report type (hit the generated button.) You'll see the service/HMO/claim amount total on that report.


How to Bill Patients (Full Process for Staff)


How to Bill Patients (Doctor Saves the Bill, Staff Accepts The Payment)

When the doctor is the one that "Saves the Bill" - your staff just needs to look in the history tab to see how much the fee will be.

Collect the payment from the patient and hit the "Settle" button.


How to Print Out HMO and Different Reports

With the Billing module, you have the ability to keep track of your financials and create reports. With a few clicks, you'll be able to generate the day's report, the month's or a duration that you prefer.


How to Export a Spreadsheet Report for Your Accountant:

You can give your accountant an account and access only to Billing or you can do this and send him/her the file.

  1. Go to Billing
  2. Click the Reports tab
  3. Click on "Invoice Breakdown"
  4. Select a Report Period (there's a custom date range picker)
  5. Click "Generate Report"
  6. Click on the Export button besides the print button

That will export in Excel format.

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