Update: There's an issue with Smart/Sun numbers at this time with the new NTC regulations. Globe works perfectly. 

SeriousMD Messenger can do lots of cool things in-app. 

  • You can consult with your peers
  • talk to your staff
  • receive email replies
  • Refer patients or share notes
  • Even send SMS to patients.

When you subscribe, you will get your own virtual number.

A virtual number allows you to receive replies from SMS.

Normally, there's no way for any system to do this for you.

With our virtual number premium feature, you are given a way to keep all communications related to your practice within SeriousMD Messenger.

You will see your personal virtual number here at the bottom of your SeriousMD Messenger.

You can treat it like your clinic number. Share it with your patients! Share it with your fellow doctors and amaze them. It just works.

Don't want to receive messages? Just assign it to your secretary. Go to Settings, click on Messenger and select your secretary’s account. (Image below)

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